This late Medieval sword comprises of a long slender triangular blade with a fuller, three quarters of its length and an undamaged tang. The cross guard and pommel are replete and although there is a little surface pitting on the pommel and the blade, this only serves to enhance the majesty of this sword! A little surface corrosion on the blade enhances the pattern welding of this most perfect, tapered, and elegant artefact. The pommel is round, with a central protuberance on both sides. This has been categorised as a Type ‘K’ by Oakshott a renowned academic specialising in Medieval sword Typology. The cross guard is slim, level on the top, curved underneath with flattened drop edges to each end. This is a common type of cross guard and has been categorised as a type ‘6’. The blade is narrow and tapers to an almost needle point. It is double edged with a central fuller, medium width, traveling centrally down the blade. The grip is short making this an excellent thrusting weapon for close quarter combat. This type of blade is of the type ‘XIIa’, a perfect example in its class.

The item comes with an academic report written by Russel Scott; famous lecturer, reenactor and expert of Viking and medieval artefacts. His report also includes an X-ray fluorescence analysis suggesting the ancient origin of the object.

Date: Ca. AD 1350

Size: L:870mm / W:180mm; 980g

Condition: Good

Provenance: Property of a European collector. Formerly in the collection of Earl Mitchell, London 1990s.

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Weight .960 kg
Dimensions 87 × 18 cm

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