Large Roman Marble Head Of Clodius Albinus


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150–197 AD. Roman. A marble portrait of the emperor Clodius Albinus (193–197 AD), who fought Septimus Severus with the support of the Senate in 196 AD, and managed to continue as emperor of Gaul from 193 to 196 AD. The emperor is depicted as a mature man, with deep wrinkles on his forehead and around his eyes. He wears his hair in short curls and has neat, short beard. Albinus´ hair is inspired by portraits from the court of Marcus Aurelius. This work is particularly valuable as one of the very few surviving effigies of this emperor.

Size: L:455mm / W:270mm ; 27.5kg

Provenance: From an old family collection formed in the UK; acquired in the late 1980s; thence by descent.