Roman Terracotta Oil Lamp


ca. 100–300 AD. Roman. A beautifully-decorated terracotta oil lamp featuring a large, rounded concave body with an angular nozzle. The discus is decorated with the first of Herakles’ labours (athloi in Greek): Herakles fighting the Nemean lion. The twelve labours were performed at the service of the King of Tyrins, Eurystheus, as atonement for Herakles killing his wife and were famously displayed on the metopes of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia. Excellent condition, including custom-made stand.

Size: L:25mm / W:115mm ; 81g

Provenance: Acquired from a London collector, C.M. Formerly in the collection of Arnos Jumperz, leverkusen Germany. Formed before 1994.

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