Roman Medical Set


C. 100-200 AD. Roman. A medical set comprising an iron scalpel with silver handle, copper alloy tweezers, mixing spoon and probe/hook, as well as a rectangular green stone palette for mixing medicinal substances. These instruments may have been used as surgical tools. However, they also were used for mixing and applying medicines, as doctors were often expected to fulfil the roles of both a physician and a pharmacist in the Roman world. For more information on Roman medical equipment, see, for example, Jackson, Ralph, and Susan La Niece. “A Set of Roman Medical Instruments from Italy.” Britannia 17 (1986). Excellent condition; arranged on a custom stand.

Size: L:Set of 5: 75 – 160mm / W:15 – 100mm ; 310g

Provenance: Property of a central London Ancient Art Gallery; previously obtained from a British private collection formed in the 1980s.

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