Small Roman Glass Jar With Handles


Ca. 300 AD. A beautiful translucent green jar with bulbous body, handles in same colour, an outsplayed rim, folded over and in, and smoothed into the side of the mouth, a broad funnel-shaped neck, a narrow shoulder. The two large rod handles are attached in pads to the upper body, drawn up, folded in and downwards, and then trailed onto rim, ending just over the top of the rim. On the body, twelve vertical ribs in relief. Intact; some pinprick bubbles; dulling, fine pitting, and iridescence, with some patches of creamy weathering. For a very similar glass jar in the Museum of Metropolitan Art Collection, see

Size: L:83mm / W:93mm ; 75.9g

Provenance: Private collection of a West London gentleman; previously in a collection formed on the UK/International art market before 2000.

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