Roman Glass Plate


C.50-300 AD. Roman. A stunning glass plate in a greenish blue fabric with an outward folded rim, hemispherical bowl and applied ring foot. Two dolphin-shaped applied handles are attached to each side of the plate, just below the rim. This beautiful piece corresponds to an Isings form 5 (C. Isings (1957), Roman Glass from Dated Finds) which was popular from the Claudian-Neronian period until the 3rd century. Roman glassmaking reached the farthest corners of the Empire and flourished until about 400 AD, when the Roman Empire started to disintegrate, finally falling in the late 5th century AD. This plate would have been used as a fine tableware for serving food. Excellent condition.

Size: L:430mm / W:530mm ; 8.8Kg

Provenance: Important London collection of Ancient art; formed in 1970-80s then passed by descent.

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