Greek Hellenistic Terracotta Pyxis – Ex Christie’s


Presenting with breathtaking form, a wheel-thrown Pyxis with a bell-shaped lower body resting upon three moulded pottery lion’s legs. The base features a broad lower rim and a tapered interior body that leads into a deep basin, and the corseted lid is wide enough to rest comfortably around the walls. Both base and lid are first decorated with orange slip that is festooned with draped laurel wreaths and a solid bar in fugitive yellow pigment. Atop the lid is a register of intricate sgraffito ivy that encloses the elegant female visage on top that longingly gazes to her right. A stunning example of fine Hellenistic artistry.

Date: Ca. 300 – 200 BC, Hellenistic period.

Size: L:235mm / W:170mm ; 1.2kg

Condition: Good

Provenance: Property of a Central London Gallery; acquired from a private collector, formerly in a private Orange County, California, USA collection, acquired in December 2017; ex-Artemis Gallery; ex-private New York, New York, USA collection; ex-Christie’s, New York “Antiquities” auction (sale 14355, April 25, 2017, lot 231); ex-private German collection; ex-Sotheby’s, London “Antiquities” auction (December 10-11, 1992, lot 534).



Reference: For another example of a Hellenistic Pyxis with lion’s legs, please see The British Museum, museum number 1861,0724.12

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 17 cm

Ancient Greek