Gnathian Skyphos or Stemless Cup


A beautiful skyphos on a low ring foot, gently sloping body and ear-shaped horizontal handles. The foot is decorated with a lower band of yellow tongues and a band of red slip clay left unglazed, which functions as decoration. The body is glazed black with a yellow band of dots running around the body below the rim, interspersed by floral motifs and clusters of vertical dots and lines; the handles are yellow. The polychrome motifs and patterns on this skyphos, created by applying yellow and white directly on top of black gloss before the vessel was fired, are characteristic of the “Gnathian style”. The term is derived from the ancient name of the site of Egnathia in Apulia, southern Italy, where a great many examples have been discovered. Fine lines in yellow evoke models with gilded decoration.

Date: Ca. 375–300 BC

Size: L:115mm / W:317mm ; 538g

Condition: Good

Provenance: Private US, New York collection, ex. A.R. collection.