Daunian Kantharos


Ca. 600–500 BC. Daunia, Southern Italy. An ancient terracotta kantharos, a type of ancient Greek cup used for drinking or ritual use, featuring a deep bowl, tall pedestal foot, and pair of high-swung handles which extend above the lip. The vase is decorated with horizontal geometric bands of black slip. Daunians are identified by Greek authors and archaeological evidence as the inhabitants of northern Apulia; they emerge after ca. 700 BC as a distinct tribe. Daunian pottery vessels were built by hand, rather than thrown on a potter’s wheel, and are characterised by buff coloured clay decorated with geometric patterns.

Size: L:115mm / W:134mm ; 172.05g

Provenance: Private FL. collection. Ex. Christies, 4/25/2001, lot # 412.

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