Apulian Black-Glazed Pottery Skyphos


Ca. 400–300 BC. Apulian. An elegant skyphos with a strong metallic glaze featuring a rounded body on a low flanged ring base and ear-shaped horizontal handles. The broad, relatively shallow, body rests on a broad foot with a central fillet; attached are two horizontal handles placed symmetrically. Good condition. Skyphoi like this one were typical drinking cups in southern Italy and in the wide ancient Greek world and were used during symposia (ancient drinking parties). Apulia was a region in south-eastern Italy that, from the 8th century BC onwards, was populated by a vast number of Greek colonies – so much so that the Romans referred to the area as ‘Magna Graecia’ (Great Greece). These Greek colonies were instrumental in bringing Greek culture and thought to Italy, greatly influencing Roman literature, philosophy, and material culture.

Size: L:108mm / W:178mm ; 260.8g

Provenance: From the private collection of a Kent gentleman C.S.; previously in an old British collection, formed in the 1980s on the UK /European art markets

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