Ancient Greek Kylix


c. 6th-4th century BC. Greek. Black glazed terracotta kylix. Short foot partially glazed black with a long stem glazed black, a wide shallow body glazed completely black, and two handles glazed black on their exteriors. The style is characteristic of Apulia in the heel of Italy during this period. The kylix was used as a drinking cup at symposia and other such gatherings, and its shape allowed party-goers to drink while reclining as well as playing kottabos, a popular drinking game that involved flicking the dregs of one’s wine at a target in the middle of the room for prizes.

Size: L:70mm / W:210mm ; 205g

Provenance: From the private collection of a Somerset gentleman; previously in an old British collection, formed in the 1980s on the UK /European art markets.

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