Seljuk Heavy Bronze Pestle And Mortar


C. 1100 AD. Seljuk. Heavy bronze mortar and pestle. The mortar comprises a cylindrical bowl, tapered stem, and wide, circular foot. A pestle features a disk-shaped handle, a flaring body and a rounded base. This beautiful object may have been used in the kitchen for food preparation, or for the mixing of medicines by a medieval doctor. The Seljuks were a Turkic dynasty who swept out of Central Asia in the early 10th century and conquered an enormous expanse across Eurasia. After inflicting crushing military defeats on a host of rivals, the most famous of which was perhaps that against the Byzantines at the Battle of Manzikert in 1071, the Seljuk sultans became major patrons of art and architecture. Excellent condition; beautiful patina.

Size: L:Set of 2: 93 – 134mm / W:29 – 95mm ; 4.2kg

Provenance: From the important collection of a London doctor A.R; passed by descent to his son; formerly acquired the 1980s on the UK art market.

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