Celtic Bronze Age Socketed Spear


C. 1000-800 BC, Celtic Bronze Age. A stunning large bronze spearhead with a leaf-shaped blade, prominent midrib, conical shoulder decorated with five horizontal ribs, terminating in a circular socket. Bronze weaponry production flourished from the 2nd millennium BC to about 700 BC when it was gradually replaced by iron. Swords, axe heads, spears and arrows were exchanged via trade and war and are discovered in both civic and ritual context. A spearhead such as this one would have been an important symbol of rank, and have served a purpose in warfare, but also in religious contexts as they were common votive offerings in shrines. Excellent condition; beautiful patina; on a custom-made stand.

Size: L:225mm / W:40mm ; 130g

Provenance: From the private collection of Mr. R. Unger; previously with a London gallery; acquired in the 1990s on the UK art market.

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