This sword of the Viking era is largely intact, with pommel, lower cross guard, blade and tang all complete. The surface overall is pitted, and the sword blade edges have some sections of the edge missing, however, this blade is of the order of a thousand years old, and the condition is therefore quite acceptable. The pommel is flat, without any surface features or inlay, it is roughly triangular in shape. The cross guard is narrow and straight and nicely complements the pommel. The blade is long and narrow, sharp on both edges, with a gently curving around a central fuller. The fuller is relatively narrow and cuts into the blade for 6/7th. of its length. The blade tip is rounded but nevertheless would have been sharp. Primarily a chopping weapon, the sword could be used for thrusts as well.

The item comes with an academic report written by Russel Scott; famous lecturer, reenactor and expert of Viking and medieval artefacts. His report also includes an X-ray fluorescence analysis suggesting the ancient origin of the object.

Date: Ca. 10th Century AD

Size: L:800mm / W:80mm; 815g

Condition: Good

Provenance: Property of a European collector. Formerly in the collection of Earl Mitchell, London 1990s.

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Additional information

Weight .815 kg
Dimensions 80 × 8 cm

Viking and Saxon


Northern Europe