Gold Byzantine Ring With Pyramid Cut Gem Stone – XRF Tested


Byzantine. An exceptional gold ring with a round hoop, triangular-section band and a square bezel with scalloped edges, set with a beautiful deep blue pyramidal gemstone. The main bezel is flanked by two pairs of miniature trumpet bezels arranged over the shoulders of the ring, each set with a pearl framed by filigree border. The medieval empire of Byzantium was justly famous for the elegance of its jewellery, whether in precious metals for the royalty and aristocracy, or in bronze for people further down the social ladder. These beautiful items may once have belonged to a Byzantine noble.

Date: AD 1100-1300

Size: US: 6.5 / UK: N; 8.78g

Condition: Excellent condition; wearable.

Provenance: Property of a professional Ancient art and jewellery expert; previously with a London gallery; initially from a private British collection formed in the 1990s.

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In order to confirm its authenticity, this piece has undergone X-Ray Fluorescence analysis by an independent Belgian Laboratory. The samples collected show the chemical composition to reflect the typical metal contents of the described period, whilst also showing no modern trace elements in the patina.

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