Viking Bronze Turtle Brooches


You might know the Vikings for their prowess in battle, but they left behind them a vast amount of beautiful jewellery.

Both men and women would adorn themselves with bracelets, amulets, brooches and rings for battle, special occasions and the everyday. These items were not only a way of showing off the spoils of war or conquest, they also showed religious and familial devotions.

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Ca. 900–1100 AD. Viking Age. Two rare cast bronze “turtle” fibulae with raised domes decorated with geometric raised design. Brooches were a key element of Viking personal adornment. They served as decoration and were used to fasten layers of clothing together. To find out more about the Vikings and their art, see Graham–Campbell, J. (2013). Viking Art. London: Thames and Hudson Ltd. For more information on Viking Jewellery, see Arbman, H. (1940). Birka I Die Gräber. Uppsala and Hubbard, B. (2016) The Viking Warrior. Amber Books Ltd, London, 61–65.

Size: L:50mm / W:85mm ; 145.6g

Provenance: Private London collection; formerly acquired on the UK and European art market 1980-2000.