Collection Of Four Roman Glass Bracelets


ca. 100–300 AD. Four Roman glass bracelets of various sizes in a green, black, and blue palette. In contrast with the paucity of black glass vessels, a wide range of dark-coloured glass jewellery is known to have been produced in large quantities, in particular during the late Roman period (Loeschke, S. (1925). Frühchristliche Werkstätte für Glassschmuck in Trier. 337–360. Trierer Heimatbuch, Trier). Examples, particularly on the Continent, show that mostly children, and in particular female juveniles, wore black glass bracelets (Bayley, J., Freestone, I., & Jackson, C. (2015). Glass of the Roman World. Oxford And Philadelphia: Oxbow Books, 196). Good condition, wearable.

Size: L:SET OF 4: 58MM, 83mm / W:58MM, 76mm ; 60g

Provenance: From an old Oxfordshire collection formed in the 1990s.

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