Rare Egyptian Stone Seated Osiris


Late Period – Ptolemaic Dynasty, c. 663-30 BC. Egyptian. Pale green stone statuette of a seated Osiris. The head is missing but the lower part of the false beard is still visible over a finely detailed broad collar on a mummiform body, holding a crook and flail and seated on an undecorated throne. This would have been given as a votive offering to a shrine or temple of the god in exchange for his favour. Osiris was the god of the underworld and renewal after death, but also of renewal in the physical world, like the return of the crops. His cult boomed in the 1st millenium BC and this period saw a rapid increase in the number of bronze votives like this one given in exchange for anything from a fertile harvest to a pleasant afterlife.

Size: L:93mm / W:63mm ; 260g

Provenance: Property of a Central London Gallery, acquired by a private collector, formerly in a private Southern California, USA collection, acquired in the 1970s to mid-1980s.

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